Naked Accounting


What was the downfall of Al Capone? Yep, taxes. And you can bet the anti-sex crowd in government is thinking long and hard about how they might use tax laws to "teach those filthy swingers a lesson." Ashcroft types have already suggested that all adult business owners are members of organized crime families, so you might want to take a trip in to see the Godfather and ask him how you can shore up your tax situation.

The bottom line here is to pay your taxes and don’t cheat. If you run into a problem with your taxes, such as not having enough money to pay them on time, contact your accountant and have him/her work out a payment plan with the IRS - believe it or not the IRS is usually pretty easy to deal with, despite their reputation. They simply want to collect what is owed. Whatever you do, don’t purposefully cheat or "forget" to report income. Don’t make up bogus deductions. It’s a good idea to have your taxes done by a professional accountant, one that can represent you before the IRS if necessary. Be sure to check your return as it is still your responsibility. Be sure the numbers look right and the deductions make sense to you. Make sure to keep the documentation necessary to back up your numbers. Keep receipts for deductible expenses.

Remember you cannot go to jail for failure to pay your taxes, but it is a criminal offense to lie on your tax return or to fail to file a tax return. Don’t under report income and don’t falsify deductions. Let’s keep those who don’t want you in business from using the tax man to close you down. Please click here to find out more.

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